Mário Carneiro

Here's the gist of me.

My name is Mário. I do well around computers. Please take a look at my resumé.

I'm very experienced in server-side web development, doing it professionally for over 6 years. I'm now looking to specialize in client-side technologies.

I've done a lot of work with relational databases. I'm fluent in standard and procedural SQL and I also have some experience with database administration tasks.

I have experience with systems and network administration, mostly doing maintenance, automation and scripting. I am knowledgeable in both networks and security. I've managed and maintained a few websites and services, for customers and for my own pet projects.

My master's thesis dealt with the the subject of data mining and musical tastes. Curious by heart, I love tinkering with stuff.

Is that it?

That's only one side of me. I hang around computers all the time, but I also enjoy the precious time away from them going out for a drink with friends or to concerts and festivals. I am very interested in music, as a listener and a learner.


If you want to reach me, email works best. If you'd like to communicate securely please take a look at my public key .

On the Web

You can find me in loads of places, here are some. Beware, though: I have opinions. These places may expose you to them.