Hi, My name is Mário and I'm a Software Engineer

I've worked on full-stack web development for most of my career.

I have developed and worked on simple websites with and without backends, as well as web applications with intricate user experience and complex backend architectures.

My preferred stack is a Ruby on Rails backend with a React frontend. I prefer working with the PostgreSQL database.

I've written code in many other languages.

I like building infrastructure and systems.

To support the websites and applications I have developed and worked on, I've used managed services, like Amazon Web Servies and Heroku. I have also managed my own services on bare hardware, having served applications and websites with my own installations of web servers and databases.

More about me

My detailed career and professional experience is available at my LinkedIn profile. You can check out some of the personal projects I've worked on on my GitHub. You can reach me via email. If you would like to communicate securily, here's my public key (05A221BE518F7A19CD26906B07B430C9ECC9DDDB) and Keybase profile.