URL longeners

The web is crawling with sites that shorten your URLs. However, if you want a site that makes an URL longer, you don’t have much choice. Seems like people like to make urls shorter but don’t care much for making them longer.

Here’s one that shortens all your URLs using lower and upper case combinations of the letter X. Here’s the source code. And to make the URL more interesting, it’s live at http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx/.

Suck it, http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx/xXxxXXxxxXXXxXxXXxXxXXxXXxXxXXXxXxXXxXXxxXxXXXXXxXXxxxxxXxxxxxXXxxXXXXxxxxxXxxXxXxXXxXxxxxXXXxXXXxXXXxxXxXXxxXxXxxXXXxXxXxxxXXXxXXXXxXXxXxXxxxXxxxXXxxXXXXxxxXxXXxXXxXXxxxXXXXxxxXXxXXXxXxXXXxxXXxxxxxXxxXXXxXxXXxxxxxxxxxxxxXXxXxxXXxxXXxxxXXXxxXxXxxXXXxxXxXxX.

Update: This domain will expire on May 15, 2014. The fee for renewal is triple what I payed to register the domain, so I’m letting it go. RIP xlongener ;-(